Blonde's Eye View: Campaign for three-day weekend

By Rob Virtue on May 21, 2014 10:56 AM |



by Angela Clake

I know why people are bummed about Cressida splitting from Prince Harry of Las Vegas: we were all hoping for another royal wedding bonus bank holiday. Remember Wills and Kate three years ago? Or rather, remember that glorious day off?

Ah, the bunting, the street parties, the long lie-in. When Harry met Cressy we all got excited. Can't they just fake it? We could all chip in for a few Relate sessions? Couples counselling could still bag us our extra time off.

Bank holidays are by far the best thing that starts with the word "bank". Which, royal weddings aside, is what makes May so damn fine. Magnificent May: three letters and two bank holidays. Two! So far 50% of this year's have been sunny. They're the best.

Londoners have been celebrating public holidays in the same way for centuries: drinking alcohol outside, singeing food on fires, and falling over on the way home.

We are living history. Such tradition brings a tear to my eye. When I see someone bent over, spewing into the Thames it makes me proud to be a Londoner.

The only cloud on the holiday horizon is our 24-hour global economy (read: the internet was a con: we all work harder than we ever did before).

We can't afford to take a day off. So we squash five days worth of work into four days.

This does make the week following a bank holiday Monday a bit frantic: we all have a bit more coffee, we all have a bit more to do, we all get a bit more shouty.

But we do it. We get the job done. Which begs the question: why don't we make every weekend three days long?

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