Artist to create detailed hand drawn maps of London, including Canary Wharf

By Rachel Bishop on May 6, 2014 10:30 AM |


Canary Wharf is glossy, Greenwich is leafy and Bermondsey is buzzing. That is, according to artist Jojo Oldham's quirky hand drawn maps.

Each borough has taken her around 100 hours to create and it has taken two years to complete the map, which she finished in May 2012.

Her time researching Tower Hamlets, Greenwich and Newham coincided with the build-up to the Olympic Games - and she even got to be part of the closing ceremony.

She said: "Everything felt very shiny and new and there was a great buzz and sense of anticipation. So whenever I think of these boroughs I'll always think of the Olympics as it was such a special time."

She creates each design using Google Maps, information from people via social media and face to face and estate agent descriptions.

Jojo began the project to learn more about the city, describing herself as "the girl who'd get the tube from Piccadilly to Leicester Square."


She said: "They're drawn completely freehand so some areas inevitably end up being a bit squashed, but on the whole everything's roughly in the right place."

She is hoping to start Tower Hamlets towards the end of the year, but she anticipates she will not finish the full map until 2018.

She said: "Like photos, maps document our memories, so I guess I'm trying to capture the spirit of London as it is right now, for myself and everyone who lives here at the moment."

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