Ajmol Alom murderers sentenced to life in prison

By Rob Virtue on May 7, 2014 12:33 PM |


The three killers of 16-year-old Poplar schoolboy Ajmol Alom have been sent to prison for life and will serve a minimum of 23 years.

Aminur Nadir Khan, 19, from Robin Hood Gardens in Poplar, Mashudur Rahman, 22, Victoria Street in Stratford and Ali Akbar Choudhury, 20, of John Smith Mews in Poplar, were last month convicted of the murder of Ajmol, who died from a stab wound to the thigh.

They were also found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent, against Ajmol's friend Azima Rob, who was stabbed in the face.

Speaking on Wednesday at Snaresbrook Crown Court, His Honour Judge Martyn Zeidman QC, told the trio: "The first stabbing was to Mr Rob's face but that did not quench your joint thirst for violence.

"Within a minute or so, you were each party to a second attack, this time upon Ajmol Alom. You each played a part in bringing his life to an end.

"You have in effect each imposed upon the Alom family a life sentence of sadness and mourning."

The judge continued: "That is the direct result of your actions and why the sentence has to be so long.

"And to make it worse, each of you have committed frightening previous offences of violence.

"You are young but not young innocents. You will each remain in custody until you are middle aged."

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The judge sentenced them to a minimum of 23 years for the murder. For the GBH on Azima they received 10 years, which will run concurrently.

"It means in practical terms that you will each remain in custody for the full period of 23 years," said Judge Zeidman.

"There is no remission. You will serve every bit of the minimum sentence. And even then you will not be released until a parole board regard you as safe because the public need protection."


The court heard there was not enough clear evidence to know who carried out either of the stabbings. However, the attack was deemed joint enterprise.

The judge said he saw "no reason for distinguishing between the roles played by the different defendants".

Khan's previous convictions included two robberies with knife threats.

Rahman, who was sent to London from Bangladesh to live with his grandmother from the age of nine, had previously been sentenced to three years for stabbing someone in the face.

Choudhury has 15 previous convictions, including a group attack on an innocent victim in the street when he was 16.

The attack on Ajmol (pictured above) and Azima took place in Spey Street, Poplar in August last year.

The trio went out armed with knives looking for "revenge" for an attack on Khan. However, the judge said the victims were not involved in the earlier incident and were "entirely innocent of any wrong-doing".