'Worrying' crime increases in Tower Hamlets

By Rob Virtue on April 30, 2014 3:58 PM |

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A number of serious crimes are on the up in Tower Hamlets, latest police figures reveal.

The report, which covers the 12 months up until this March, shows big increases in violent, domestic and hate crimes.

The figures show a rise of of 19.3% in homophobic crime, 15.1% in reports of racist and religious abuse, and a 14.1% increase in domestic crime.

Violent attacks have risen 8.5%.

All the rises are above the London average.

Islamophobic crime and gun crime have comparatively low figures but have also seen increases. The former from 17 to 50 incident, and the latter from 51 to 55.

Overall, however, crime in the borough is down 6.9% but this is still less than the London average of 9.4%.

Drops have been seen in robbery and burglary.

Labour's spokesman for community safety, Cllr John Pierce, said: "Whilst it's encouraging that robberies and burglaries are coming down, on virtually every measure we are lagging behind the rest of London.

"Most worrying of all is that the crimes that people are most worried about, things like violent crime and gun crime, are increasing in our borough at a rate far outstripping the rest of the capital.

"Lutfur Rahman likes to take a lot of credit for the achievements of the police. I hope he will be man enough to take his share of the responsibility as well. For months he has been dismissing our concerns yet it is now clear that on Rahman's watch violent crime has dramatically increased."

A spokesman for the Mayor's office argued the borough was doing better than neighbouring boroughs on tackling crime.

"This is a classic case of Tower Hamlets Labour party either misunderstanding or misrepresenting the facts yet again," he said.

"The East End of London has always fared worse on crime than the rest of London, and yet we are performing better than our neighbouring boroughs in the East - Hackney, Southwark, Newham and Westminster.

"These figures skew what has been some brilliant work with our partners on some of the most pro-active policing in the East End - as shown by the substantial drop in crime in Tower Hamlets over the last year,compared to the other East End boroughs."

See the full Met Police figures here