Toilet trips for tech-fans at West India Quay's Rum and Sugar

By Beth Allcock on April 28, 2014 2:59 PM |


Bog standard trips to the bathroom have been flushed away at Rum and Sugar in favour of technological treats.

A pair of hands-free video screen devices have been set up in the urinals at the West India Quay bar and are already causing a buzz among male punters.

Expect a little longer queue streaming out of the men's facilities - akin to those at the women's toilets on an ordinary Saturday night - with clamour around the mirrors and make-up application replaced with a desire to come top in an electronic skiing or racing challenge using, well, hydraulic based control mechanisms.

Soon to come for football fans is a World Cup-themed venture, with competitiveness raised to fever pitch when users input their scores online.

General manager Paul Williams said the one-minute games on the gadgets founded by Creative Media UK had prompted "lots of smiles and trips".


And Wharfers taking on the challenges will be in a loo league of their own, with the E14 venue the only one in the area to house the gamers' dream, as well as being one of just 30 bars capital-wide.

"It puts a smile on your face," he said.

"This past week, people were coming out smiling their heads off.

"Men, being men, like a challenge and they are going to go right, next time I will beat the score, until they are in there for a while.

"There's three urinals, and nothing above the middle one, so the guy in the middle will be wondering what's going on.

"This just gets people talking about it, saying 'have you seen that in the loo at Rum and Sugar?' and as they are playing, the adverts kick in."

It's the latter, which feature at 30-second intervals on the electronic terminal, that Paul hopes will make the devices a savvy business move as well as a fun-filled pastime.

Promotions of events at the bar, including its Pre World Cup dinner with guest speaker, Matt Le Tissier, on June 10, will be showcased before competitive male bar-goers direct their toilet trip to left and right hand sensors in the urinal synced up to control the game-on screen.

"We are one of the biggest rum bars in London and it gives us something no-one else has got," Paul said.

"These days, the thing to have is an edge, something for people to talk about as it's all word of mouth and I thought, I can't miss this opportunity."

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