Man found face-down in River Thames rescued

By Rachel Bishop on April 30, 2014 9:37 AM |

RNLI Tower crew 100 (4).png

A drowning man was pulled from the Thames on Monday after he was discovered face down in the water.

The RNLI rescued the man from the river near London Bridge just before 11pm on April 28.

The crew, from Tower lifeboat station, arrived at the scene at the same time as a Metropolitan Police boat and the two vessels began a search. A police officer then spotted the top of the man's head poking above the water.

RNLI lifeboat Helmsman Kevin Maynard said: "One of the police officers managed to grab the person but they struggled to get him on board, so one of our crew went aboard the police boat and helped pull the casualty on board.

London Bridge screen grab 2.png

"The man was unconscious and not breathing so he was given CPR straight away. We then used a defibrillator on him as both boats made their way back to Tower lifeboat station. We managed to get him breathing although he was still unconscious when we handed him over to an ambulance crew who were waiting for us."

RNLI London lifeboats have rescued 2,713 people and saved 398 lives since the charity began providing a lifeboat service in the city in 2002.

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