Blonde's Eye View: Stop the small talking

By Rob Virtue on April 29, 2014 8:58 AM |



by Angela Clarke

I hate people talking to me when I'm using my phone. Not important people, or people telling me important things (do shout if I'm about to go flipflop first into dog poo). But affable fools making small talk.

Those innocuous little chats I thought we, with our silent Tube carriages and fear of human contact, had eradicated from London.

Here's a heads up to those who talk about the weather and how busy the DLR was: no one cares. Your drivel is boring.

You can take your small talk, and you can shove it on your Facebook status. Where I will unfollow your posts.

You will effectively be talking to yourself. First sign of madness that, you socially inept babbling drone. Second is having strangers give you awkward side glances when you interrupt their work.

Because, dear bumpkin retro ear scratchers, you are not being charming when you break into your "this weather, huh" patter. You are being rude.

There's this incredible breakthrough in technology that means we now have access to word documents, PDFs, and even Excel spreadsheets while on the go.

If I'm in the dentist's waiting room staring at my phone, chances are I'm not just itching for you to tell me about your tooth abscess. I'm working: fielding emails, checking documents, filing taxable expenses.

Too many people have bought into those viral videos that claim we spend too much time looking at our gadgets and not enough taking in the wonder of the world around us.

The world around me is E14, the stifling sulphurous Tube, or the whiney-child filled doctor's surgery. I don't want to take it in. I want to block it out.

Small talkers zip it: I'm busy.

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