Valentine's review: Emergency sweet treat gifts at Sweet Couture

By Beth Allcock on February 13, 2014 3:25 PM |



Cute cupcakes in four romantic flavours could well be your Valentine's Day saviour if you're still lacking that perfect pressie.

Sweet Couture's cake boutique, in Canada Place Mall, has launched four limited edition loved-up treats - Arabica Rose, Cocoa Noir, Coco Bliss and Strawberry Cream - to warm the hearts and tickle the tastebuds of Wharfers for a mere £3 each.

Here's what we thought of the tasty quartet.

■ Coco Bliss: Make your declarations of love sugary-sweet, with a perfectly-pink letter 'L' nestled atop the generous coconut shavings on this treat.

The sheer sweetness of this natural sponge with a raspberry jam centre, topped with buttercream, runs throughout, whether it's in the deliciously thick icing or the plentiful filling oozing from the centre.

The latter is the star of this rather generously-sized cupcake - its rich, fruity taste perfectly matching the exotic buttercream and helping transport you straight to holiday mode.

Who's it for? If your date has a really sweet tooth, then this is the cake for them. But beware - if you're trying to impress on your first rendezvous, the coconut shavings may be a little messy.

■ Strawberry Cream: Daintiness - whether it be in the perfectly-sliced fruit or the neatly piped icing - exudes from this dessert at first sight.

The beauty of this wheat-free light sponge made using Doves ingredients, topped with creamy buttercream and a fresh strawberry, continues, with tiny slices of fruit scattered throughout the cake - an unexpectedly indulgent surprise. Although the topping is generous, the cake seems to be a little smaller than some of the others in this collection.

Who's it for? Aside from those with wheat intolerances, if your other half shimmers with elegance and class, this is their ideal match.


■ Arabica Rose: "As unique as your Valentine" says the literature. Ahhh. The taste of this light sponge, infused with espresso, matched with rose water buttercream icing, is as sweet as those sickly words would suggest.

The sponge is fantastically light, the icing intriguing and sugary and then there's the overpowering taste of liquorice that comes through, leaving the eater desperately reaching for tea to get the taste away. Not for me.

Who's it for? People who don't gag at the taste of liquorice

■ Coco Noir: An explosion of chocolate - in a very good way. Thick, rich and dark this chocolate sponge with ganache centre, topped with chocolate and ganache buttercream barely touched the sides, but still managed to plaster smears of brown all over my face.

The ganache centre was a welcome surprise to the already delicious sponge and topping. Forget the calories. Just embrace the chocolate.

Who's it for? Chocoholics, or just those that like dark chocolate.

By Beth Allcock & Rob Virtue

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