Tube strike planned to go ahead despite ongoing talks

By Rob Virtue on February 3, 2014 1:36 PM |


Commuters to Canary Wharf and across the rest of London face severe disruption this week unless last minute talks prevent a 48-hour strike.

ACAS is holding meetings between unions and London Underground bosses over the walk-out which is due to begin on Tuesday night.

The impact will be seen across the whole of the Tube network. Major problems are expected on Jubilee line, especially during rush-hour, with just 12 trains an hour instead of the usual 30 - that's one train every five minutes.

Meanwhile, trains will not run between Finchley Road and Waterloo and will not stop at Southwark and Bermondsey stations.

On the Central line, trains in east London will only run between Epping and Leytonstone and will be every 12 minutes.

Transport for London said services would be hit from 9.30pm on Tuesday until Friday morning.

And trains would be limited to 7am until 11pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

The DLR and Overground lines are not affected by the strikes.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has said he would join in the negotiations only if the strike was called off.

However, RMT leader Bob Crow - pictured this morning on a beach holiday in Brazil - rejected this.

"I have had further correspondence with Boris Johnson and we are available for direct talks with the mayor with no preconditions," he said.

"We are awaiting his confirmation that he is up for getting round the table with no preconditions or caveats."

The fall-out is over the closure of ticket offices across the network, leading to around 750 job losses.

A second 48-hour strike is due to take place next week, beginning on February 11.

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