SWEAT arrives in West India Quay

By Beth Allcock on February 28, 2014 9:58 AM |



Things have started to get a little hot and sticky in West India Quay with the arrival of Sweat.

The new fitness concept, housed in a unit in Cannon Workshops, offers dedicated small group personal training sessions for just eight clients at a time.

The 40-minute fitness bursts use a variety of equipment - including one of the capital's few Omnia devices - and caters to early-risers, late finishers and those who opt for weekend workouts.

Sweat manager Liz Penny said it was the brand's calorie-torching technique that made it stand out from other gyms.

"We do a specific training called metabolic conditioning," she said. "The class is structured so you burn up to 400 calories more between 24 and 48 hours after the workout, which is fantastic if you're looking to burn fat or gain muscle."

Despite only opening its doors for classes on Monday, Sweat has seen 66 people sign up - with a maximum allocation of 250 members.

Liz said: "In a conventional gym, you train on your own, come in and do what you want or train one on one with a trainer, which can be expensive.

"This is about training in small groups with a maximum of eight.

"We are about doing something different but keeping it fun. People will come in if it's fun."

Memberships cost £89 per month.

Go to sweatclubs.co.uk for more details.

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