Peter Golds: Lutfur's basking in reflected glory

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By Peter Golds

Over the past three years the Government has provided Tower Hamlets Council with £77million of taxpayer's money for housing, £25million of this is in the current financial year.

Successive governments have accepted that regeneration and new building is essential to ensure continuous improvement in our borough.

Add to this the massive amount of development on the Isle of Dogs - sadly without the appropriate infrastructure - then one can see where the claims of thousands of new homes being made by the Rahman administration come from.

Mayor Rahman has not, of course, actually built these properties.

He is merely basking in reflected glory and posting his photograph wherever possible.

He has personally appointed to his own private office in the town hall, eight personal advisors, 18 staff, and one parked chauffeur, all of whom are present to promote him.

He also has access to some 6,000 council staff, a number of who are on six-figure salaries to do his bidding.

I was therefore bemused to discover that he is now about to engage a public relations consultancy to work directly for him and also a firm of City lawyers.

Neither of these appointments will come cheap and neither will benefit anybody but Lutfur Rahman.

It will be interesting to establish if either will advise him to say why he was chauffeuring Ken Livingstone around the Glamis Estate recently.

■ Peter Golds is Conservative councillor for Blackwall and Cubitt Town.


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