Passenger injured after escalator fault at Cutty Sark

By Rob Virtue on February 19, 2014 4:45 PM |


DLR bosses have apologised to a customer injured in an escalator malfunction and have launched an investigation into what went wrong.

One commuter was hurt in the incident, which took place on Monday at about 6pm at Cutty Sark station. It is believed the escalator stopped before moving in the opposite direction.

Debra Sainsbury, who lives in Greenwich, told the BBC: "Everyone was screaming for it to stop. My foot was stuck in the escalator and my toes are now bent out of shape."

She said a fellow passenger lifted her off the escalator.

Rory O'Neill, director of DLR at TfL, said: "We have apologised to two of our customers at Cutty Sark DLR station yesterday after an escalator apparently developed a mechanical fault and caused one customer to fall.

"The escalator is currently out of service while we carry out a full investigation."

TfL added that the customers were offered medical assistance after the incident, but they declined.


Adam said:

I was one of the commuters caught out by this escalator and believe that the problem was known about for quite a while before anyone actually did anything about it. I tried reporting it to one of the members of staff on duty outside the station and his response was "yeah - someone else mentioned that earlier on" and then ignoring me. I ended up calling tfl customer services.

To clarify - the escalator did NOT change direction. It went into FREEFALL. When we arrived the escalator was not running, so people naturally started walking up it. The combined weight of our group of passengers suddenly caused us to all go 'rushing' back downwards (think of it as going down a ski slope with no ability to stop yourself) as if the break had suddenly been released on the escalator. To be honest it was amazing no-one was seriously injured.

No doubt there will be a cover up but I suspect it's related to the maintenance work on the escalator next to it.

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