Lutfur Rahman: Don't drag the borough down too



By Lutfur Rahman

Labour mayoral candidate John Biggs' vacuous feel-good promises and sweeping criticisms that denigrate the achievements of our borough demonstrate just how unfit he is to lead Tower Hamlets.

While he has been in a working coalition with the Conservatives, we have constructively fought the Government's cuts.

Mr Biggs overlooks our national accolades, not least of which is the Independent, saying: "From fail to the world's best schools."

I have become accustomed to ferocious ad-hominem assaults from the opposition.

But I can't help feeling sad that in their eagerness to run me down they have also tried to slur the reputation of the borough.

This is sad. Our achievements have been remarkable.

Keep Britain Tidy gave us the award for the cleanest streets. Ofsted says we have some of the best schools in the country.

The Sunday Times gave us the Best Council Housing Scheme Award. People's Choice voted Victoria Park the best in London and we won the Green Flag Award for some of the best parks in Britain.

We've topped the national house building league table. The Government has awarded us £50million New Homes Bonus for building the most affordable homes in the country for the last three years.

And if you want to look all of these up, you can go the Idea Stores - which won the Best Customer Service Award.

I am proud of Tower Hamlets and its achievements - and we have much to be proud about.

■ Lutfur Rahman is executive mayor of Tower Hamlets Council


A rotten candidate for a rotten borough said:

Idea Stores? wtf? Didn't they used to be called libraries where you could find books once upon a time?

Here's an idea Lutfur why don't you do us all a favour and retire from politics all together. Its the only chance Tower Hamlets has got for regaining a good reputation.

So long as you remain Mayor our borough's reputation remains soiled to the core because of the crook that you are.

This man should be locked up said:

The mayor of Tower Hamlets is a complete crook. Have you read the Telegraph article about him, google it ?

Selling off council property to his friends at less than a 10th of its value, then granting planning permission to converted listed buildings into hotels again by his close associates.

He should be in prison, not office.

Roger said:

So Keep Britain Tidy thinks Tower Hamlets streets are the cleanest? So claims Mayor Rahman. By what comparison? If Mr Rahman occasionally got out of his chauffeur driven Mercedes on Westferry Road he would see the truth which is filthy streets and pathways.

David M said:

Interesting none of the three comments even references the achievements which are the subject of the article. Achievements that stand for themselves. I'm not a great fan of the man or his administration, however I think he has done a good job for the borough at a difficult time for the public sector.

John Smith said:

David M..... Ted Jeorys blog will tell you everything you need to know about what goes on in Tower Hamlets.

Lutfur Rahman lavishes his own and keeps everyone else just above bearable.

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