Launch of workshops to help Wharfers find "The One" + Your chance to get sessions at half price

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"I'm not teaching the best chat up lines, I am helping people prepare for the rest of their lives," says Owen Redahan, discussing the launch of a series of workshops to help singleton Wharfers find "the one".

"It's for men, women, gay, straight, those aged 22 or 42 - we all have the same challenges and we all learn from the experience of relationships."

The counsellor will open up his base in West India Quay's Cannon Workshops to just four participants as part of an intensive programme tackling issues of the heart.

Sessions will explore the meaning of relationships, their differing forms, personal strengths and weaknesses and physical versus emotional intimacy.

Although set against a New Year backdrop which traditionally sees divorce and separation rates peak across the country, Owen said it was issues a little closer to the Wharf that sparked his new concept.

"Wharfers are known by their success. It's long days in a pressured situation and this means they have less time for their personal lives.

"If they have the time, perhaps they don't use it in the way they want to and if they want a relationship and don't have one, because of the focus on success not having a relationship is seen as failure.

"That leads to questions of self-esteem."

He said clients had faced niggling issues - questioning why they were struggling to find a partner? If there was anyone for them or whether there was something wrong with them?

"It's finding out about themselves. Asking 'What am I really looking for, why do I want that, what does a relationship mean to me and what might it mean to the person I am dating?'.

"Having four people will bring a wonderful dynamic and someone else can say 'you might have done that, but I have done this'.

"What's within the four walls of the workshop stays within the four walls, so people can feel free to explore themselves."

And while Wharfers enrolling on the scheme won't add to their repertoire of date night hook up lines, they might equip themselves with the tools to find a partner and relationship which work.

"Hopefully it will be enjoyable," added Owen. "Sometimes you get bogged down thinking always of the negatives and this is a kick up the backside to make you realise, yes you can."

• First workshop starts on Tuesday, February 11 and will then run every Tuesday from 12.30pm to 1.45pm in Owen's office in Room 67, Cannon Workshops, West India Quay.

The four sessions cost £140 in total, including a sandwich lunch.


Owen is offering a half-price class fee - bringing the cost down to £70 - for both the first and fifth people to book.

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