Docklands bomb victims upset over IRA immunity letters

By Rob Virtue on February 28, 2014 1:45 PM |


Victims of the IRA bomb in Canary Wharf have reacted angrily to reports that immunity had been promised to terrorist suspects.

It was believed up to 187 republicans were sent letters giving pardons. The news led to Northern Ireland's first minister Peter Robinson to threaten to resign after he claimed to be kept in the dark over the deal.

And those affected by the Docklands bomb in South Quay in 1996 were angry at the precedent made by the letters.

Jonathan Ganesh, president of the Docklands Victims Association, said: "Our members are very upset and concerned. What sort of message does it send to other terrorist organisations across the world such as Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab?

"Does it mean those groups and individuals who carry out atrocity can one day say 'we want a letter that gives us immunity as well'.

"We have to look at this very carefully and I'm pleased the Prime Minister has appointed a judge to hold an inquiry. We hope it's a thorough inquiry."


Hamida Bashir, whose son Inam was one of two people killed in the Canary Wharf blast 18 years ago, added: "I'm heartbroken to find out that letters have been issued that give immunity to terrorists who murder innocent children. I'm so sad for all the mothers who lost their children."

Speaking after an angry response to uncovering of the letters, which were sent in 1998 as part of the peace deal, Cameron said a report from the inquiry would be finished by the end of May.

"There was never any amnesty or guarantee of immunity for anyone and there isn't now," Cameron said. "It is right to get to the bottom of what happened."


bruno hautenfaust said:

It is a sad state of affairs when the government bends over backwards to help terrorists whilst at the same time not lifting a finger to help the UK victims seeking redress from Libya. Hang your head in shame Cameron

Emma said:

How could the UK givethis immunity to murders who kill innocent people. The victims must be devastated.

Sel said:

How could this be allowed to happen? Haven't the victims of such atrocities been through enough? What kind of Country are we to give immunity to murderers? Its about time the Government started supporting the victims instead of the villains.

Sel said:

How could this be allowed to happen? Haven't the victims of such atrocities been through enough? What kind of Country are we to give immunity to murderers? Its about time the Government started supporting the victims instead of the villains.

Kolinar Koltrass said:

Why aren't the Libya victims lawyers capitalising on this? I am sure the British public would be sickened that murderers are pandered to whilst the victims are treated like garbage by the government. All this in contrast to the American victims who, with the help and support of their government, secured compensation from Libya over five years ago while the British government have done everything they could to hinder the British victims.

Jane said:

I am absolutely disgusted that terrorists are being assisted in getting away with murder while the innocent victims are being treated like dirt. How is it just that those who caused such carnage are being treated better than victims. What did the victims do other than go about their daily lives while murderers plotted their deaths. Those responsible now hold positions of high office while the victims families lives have been destroyed. Time for Cameron to concentrate on helping the victims and getting these "get out of jail cards" recinded. Do the right and just thing Cameron!

CGQ said:

Excellent comment Kolinar. You have hit the nail squarely on the head.

As someone directly involved, I could have written your comment myself.

Emma said:

Immunity should never have been given to IRA terrorists who kill innocent people. All human life must be valued, all those families who lost loved ones must be absolutely devastated due to the immunity given to those who took the life of their loved one.

Kolinar Koltrass said:

Thank you CGQ. Unfortunately the moral of the story here is that violence pays

CGQ said:

Could it be that Cameron and the spineless and despicable Foreign and Commonwealth Office are actively obstructing settlement of the Libyan writ because a just settlement would offend IRA/Sinn Fein as it greatly undermines the legitimacy of their terror campaign?

As recent (and not so recent) history has shown, HMG will go to any lengths (and depths) not to offend these scum. It is truly despicable!!

Anonymous said:

The government haven't helped the victims of IRA violence at all throughout their campaign, now they're rubbing salt in their wounds by giving immunity to terrorists who have killed innocent people. I find this unfair, unjust and unbelievable.

Each said:

I live in Docklands and can remember that dreadful night as my children were terrified. Although we live a mile away from the attack our block of flats shook . How could these evil terrorists be given immunity by our Government . What the Government has done is proven that all those killed and injured were worth nothing shame on all those who are cowards. I admire those courageous victims who speak out, they have more courage that the UK Government.

Noree Moneo said:

This is a SCANDAL! Why is this not bigger news??????????????????????????????????????

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