Detectives investigating banker shooting in Canary Wharf head to Romania

By Rob Virtue on February 7, 2014 10:22 AM |

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Police investigating the attempted murder of a Russian banker in Canary Wharf have reportedly flown to Romania.

Detectives are hoping to speak to Vitalie Proca, 34, the prime suspect in the case, which saw 47-year-old German Gorbuntsov gunned down outside his home in Byng Street in March 2012.

Mr Gorbuntsov told the Evening Standard he believes Proca was allowed to travel from Russia to Romania after the shooting to evade arrest.

"I know Russia allowed his extradition to Romania with one particular condition -- he is never in touch with English police," said Mr Gorbuntsov

"It means he will never be questioned with regard of my case. I am absolutely sure of this information."

He said the shooting was over a financial dispute with ex-business partners who are close to the Russian government. Proca was extradited to Romania last November.

However, he is now awaiting trial in Romania for an alleged separate failed assassination attempt. That is likely to hold up any proposed extradition to the UK.

Gorbuntsov was shot six times with a semi-automatic pistol in the attack.

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