Cousin found guilty of Poplar man Liam Hamilton's murder

By Beth Allcock on February 14, 2014 9:34 AM |


A Poplar man has been found guilty of the murder of his cousin following a minor family dispute that quickly escalated.

Paul Hamilton, 30, of Woodstock Terrace, was yesterday handed a sentence of life with a minimum of 26 years for killing 32-year-old Liam Hamilton, after he was fatally stabbed in the back with a large kitchen knife.

The incident took place in Poplar High Street at around 10pm on Friday, July 26 last year.

Paul's brothers, Thomas Hamilton of Poplar High Street and Noel Hamilton, from Manchester Road on the Isle of Dogs, were found not guilty of murder and violent disorder.

A fourth cousin, James Hamilton, 27, from New Festival Avenue in Poplar, was found not guilty of violent disorder.

The fatal fight followed two earlier conflicts between a pair of female family members at around 2pm and 5pm the same day.

That evening, the dispute escalated further when the four brothers confronted Liam Hamilton and some other family members, culminating in Liam being fatally stabbed.


All four defendants, including Paul, pictured left, claimed they acted in self-defence.

Detective Sergeant Martin Head, from the Metropolitan Police's Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: "What started out as a seemingly minor family row escalated into a senseless murder, which will have a long-lasting impact on all members of the family.

"This is a tragedy for all involved and it is right that Paul Hamilton should spend a long time behind bars for his actions."

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