Cable Car slashes prices for Greenwich and Newham residents

By Rob Virtue on February 7, 2014 11:28 AM |


Those living around the Thames Cable Car are to get half-price tickets under an initiative to boost flagging user numbers.

The 50 per cent discount is for Greenwich and Newham residents and will initially run from Valentine's Day until the end of the year.

They need to bring proof of residence to take advantage of the offer, which decreases the cost of a return fare to £3.30 for adults and £1.70 for children.

Residents will also be allowed to travel with up to three non-residents at the discounted rate.

Transport for London's head of the Emirates Air Line, Danny Price, said: "This is a great rate to encourage those living in Greenwich and Newham to use the Emirates Air Line on a regular basis, whether it is to cross the river for work or business, to get to the many leisure activities in the areas or just for the experience and fantastic views of the city."

Following a successful launch during the 2012 Olympics, user figures have dwindled and the service has drawn criticism for not being free for those with travelcards.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, Caroline Pidgeon AM, said she wants to see further discounts.

"Providing cheap travel on the cable car for Greenwich and Newham residents is obviously welcome news for people that live in these two boroughs, but this latest development will not be sufficient to turn around the dismal passenger figures for people using the cable car," she said.

"The cable car has largely been funded by taxpayers from across London. It is time that the Mayor and TfL finally admitted that the only way to attract regular passengers onto the cable car is to treat it as an integral form of public transport.

"Only a sensible fare structure for all Londoners will ensure that the cable car starts to attract a reasonable number of passengers. If you have a travelcard you should not have to pay to use it and the standard fare for Oyster Pay As You Go passengers should be the same as a single bus fare."


john said:

Whilst the discount for residents is great, have Newham or Grenwich residents paid a higher amount for the cable car in taxes then a tower hamlets resident ?

Why not just make the cable car fully integrated into the TFL ticketing system and make it affordable to all.

All these random ways of attracting people to use it seem to ignore the obvious answer, price it the same as all other tfl transport, then it will be used seriously rather then a tourist attraction.

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