Blonde's Eye View: The booze lunch is BACK

By Rob Virtue on February 25, 2014 7:59 AM |



by Angela Clarke

My mate was an hour and a half late for our meeting. Something was amiss when he finally approached - and it wasn't his new haircut.

He was using all his concentration to place one foot in front of the other. He was walking more carefully than the guys who climbed the Shanghai skyscraper without a safety harness. He was either about to have a stroke, or he was drunk.

The air of Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape wafting from his direction confirmed it was the latter. At 4.30pm on a Monday he was the human embodiment of the Waitrose Steak & Oyster bar wine list. Off his head after a three-hour lunch with Wharf-based bank buddies.

Friends, Wi-Fi roamers, and countrymen: lunch is back.

Internal restructuring and the redundancies may still be underway, but the economy's recovered enough to flex the company plastic once again.

At least it has been here on the Wharf and in the City. And where the corporate giants lead, or stumble drunkenly into the path of an oncoming bus, so the rest of us will surely follow.

I expect it will start with the slow expansion of the standard 10-minute sandwich in front of your computer, and mutate until we find ourselves sitting away from our desk.

From there people could even leave and eat outside of the office. Truly talented lunch adopters will graduate to the addition of alcoholic beverages.

Maybe a spritzer to ease in with. For the advanced, and anyone who has anything good on their boss, the glory days will be back: you may as well take the rest of the day off.

Quick! Book a table. Set your out of office. It's crunch time for lunchtime.

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