Blonde's Eye View: Romance in Canary Wharf

By Rob Virtue on February 18, 2014 8:18 AM |



By Angela Clarke

Canary Wharf, the (better) brother of the City, the financial heart of the UK, is not the first place you'd think of when it comes to romance.

I'm not talking about the deluge of flashy floristry and posh chocolates we saw last week for Valentine's Day.

We all know the size of your heart-bearing teddy bear is directly proportional to how soon you are to be dumped.

I'm talking about the real deal. Getting married. Or, to be precise, getting engaged.

I know, I was shocked too. I imagined bankers proposing with car-sized hearts of money and diamonds.

Lawyers conference calling in a different kind of partner request. But then, I am a crabby old cynic.

Because it's true, we, here in the glass metropolis of E14, are getting down to the business of love. Happy couples have been getting engaged on the ice rink.

The hottest (and possibly only) place in Canary Wharf to get engaged is, er, also the coldest. Proposals have been taking place on the ice. Actual real engagements. Six this season alone before Valentine's Day.

I hope they continue the ice theme into their weddings. I'd highly recommend a sculpted ice vodka luge: granny will love it.

Or better still, how about taking a bit of Canary Wharf with you into married bliss? For surely this unlikely starry-eyed hotspot deserves a reference in your big day?

Trees strung with LEDs like our Christmas decorations? A cake in the shape of One Canada Square? A West India Quay fountain of champagne? We should market this. Let's bring to marriage what we in Canary Wharf do best: commerce, baby, commerce.

Wishing all the couples a long and happy life (and no broken bones).

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rd said:

Romance in Canary Wharf? The only thing capable of moving the heart of a banker is a suitable dose of insufflated cocaine.

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