Working Mum: And then Henry's sister arrived...

By Giles Broadbent on January 6, 2014 1:01 AM |


By Tabitha Ronson

Although originally met with resistance from Master A, his shared sixth birthday bash went down a storm.

He and fellow birthdayee, Molly, were the toast of their classmates; the trampoline party universally hailed as "the best party in the world". All satisfied customers - except for one.

I received a call two days before the party from one of the mums. "Could Henry bring along his older sister?"

She's eight years old. I didn't think it would be a problem so I called the sports centre and booked and paid for another place. From the moment the girl got to the party she whinged. She moaned about having to wait her turn to bounce on the trampoline and then when it was her go, she complained it was boring.

"This is so dull - I do go to circus skills club you know."

Party food consisted a choice of ham or cheese roll, a packet of crisps, jelly and a drink. Admittedly it was no Jamie Oliver spread but all the children tucked in appreciatively. Henry's sister, however, complained there were no hot options.

"The parties I go to have stone-baked pizza, goujons and tapas. This is so lame."

Instead of chastising the child for being rude and ungrateful, the mother looked on indulgently. "She has a very sophisticated palate," the mother offered.

Molly's mother, my fellow hostess, threw me a look. She was not amused.

The party at an end it was time to hand out the goody bags, fairy-themed for the girls, Batman (what else?) for the boys. Even though we had only two days warning about the addition of Henry's sister, we packed one up for her, too. The only difference hers had a picture of Minnie Mouse on instead of Tinkerbell.

She looked at the bag and burst out crying. "I want a Tinkerbell bag!"

All the other little girls clutched their bags tightly, none wanting to give up their coveted treasure. Master A voiced what everyone at the party was thinking: "What is she crying about? She wasn't even invited!"

That's my boy.

Working Mum, promising in 2014 to be less of a pushover.

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