Tower Hamlets Mayor denies using community funds for election campaign

By Rob Virtue on January 16, 2014 10:21 AM |


Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman has denied moving £80,000 worth of funds for community groups into an events budget to help his re-election campaign in the run-up to this May's vote.

The allegations were raised at a council Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting last week, which has asked for assurances from the Mayor he would not use the cash to fund activities before the election.

Labour's candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, said the decision to use the Community Chest fund for "community events" before the end of the financial year came in a closed door session last month.

He said: "It looks again as if Lutfur Rahman is trying to use taxpayers' money to buy votes rather than to help vital voluntary sector organisations strengthen themselves and improve services for local people.

"I know he's invented a new political party but funding a series of parties to help his election is improper."

Labour's spokesman for resources Cllr Carlo Gibbs said: "Scarce council resources should be directed towards organisations that really need it. Yet time and again we have seen Lutfur Rahman using taxpayers' money for his own political advantage.

"We are deeply concerned that instead of funding worthy causes like welfare advice centres, Rahman has decided to put all this money into a pre-election events fund."

A spokesman for the Mayor's Office denied any wrongdoing. He said: "The Community Events Fund pre-dates the mayoralty and the money is for local people to bid for and spend on small events.

"Only John Biggs could find something sinister about summer fetes and bake sales."


Danod said:

This is serious allegation and must be dealt with. We residents of T/H are being short changed at all levels. Never has so many been denied so much.
The level of inequality, is akin to a third world country and the level of favouritism is akin to a the one practiced by the apartheid regime of South Africa, hence the apartheid borough of Tower Hamlets. The mayor should come out and tell us the truth.


Rahman hands over millions of pounds of taxpayers money to the East London mosque and its front organisations.

The East London mosque is apposed to a secular society and anything that isn't islamic.

Rahman should be in prison for his misappropriation of public funds

Apologist said:

Luftur Rahman will not come out and tell us anything. He has already refused to answer questions posed by the general public on the grounds that it violated his human rights. I kid you not ! Mr. Rahman is a disgrace, he misappropriated millions to pay to his friends denying the denizens of one of the poorest parts of the country the services they deserve. He has a third world mentality and will not rest until Tower Hamlets is a third world enclave. The man should be in prison or at least the stocks.

Disillusioned in TH said:

As regards to Luftur Rahman, you can take the man out of Bangladesh, but you can't take the Bangladesh out of the man.