Food For A Fiver: Pret's grilled chicken salad

FoodfiverPretWEBBBYyy.jpgPRET A MANGER
Grilled chicken salad, £4.25

A decent healthy compromise bursting with interesting flavours. Watch out for the pistachios and almonds.

I'd just been to the gym. My head bulged with post-workout hunger.

I remembered reading that you should feed your body something healthy within the golden hour, post exertion.

"But don't over-feed," the angel on my left shoulder cautioned.

"Forget him," screamed the six-inch figure clad in red on my right. "You've just done physical work, you've burnt off loads of calories so you deserve a pizza."

Back and forth it went, like tennis. I stood there in the lobby of One Canada Square immobile, paralysed by my tormentors' arguments.

Then my eyes fell on Pret and its grilled chicken salad. Lightning quick; white meat, lean, grilled, low fat - it was perfect.

And I wasn't disappointed. This well presented box struck a good balance between indulgence and health.

Cheesy, nutty, sharp and fresh. Good job.

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