Fan's Roar: Awful Millwall need experienced boss

By Rob Virtue on January 6, 2014 10:10 AM |


By Ian Toal of Millwall Supporters Club

This season is rapidly turning into a disaster for Millwall Football Club.

Our embarrassing FA Cup exit at Southend last Saturday pretty much sums up our dismal season. Quite frankly we were awful.

More often than not you can stomach a defeat if the players put in a good performance and came up short either due to bad luck or the opposition being that bit superior to yourself despite you putting in a lot of effort.

That was the case in the previous match on New Year's Day when we dominated possession and had more chances that top-of-the-table side Leicester City but we didn't get the luck and were unfortunate to lose that match 3-1.

We can't have the same argument in the cup match at Roots Hall though.

To lose to a League Two side by that margin is just not good enough and certainly ranks alongside other poor cup efforts over the last 25 years such as losing to Woking at home and Cambridge Untied away to name a couple.

What the defeat should have shown the Board of Directors is that they need to get on with the task of appointing a new manager.

We can't be left to drift as otherwise the new appointment will face a huge task in keeping us up.

Any suggestion that Neil Harris will be getting the job has been done for after the Southend defeat.

To be fair I think he had ruled himself out of the job and the Supporters Club, via the Fan Director has made it clear to the Board that a manager with Championship experience is the order of the day to keep us up this season.

The Board actually mentioned just the same when they rejected another young manager's application in the summer before they appointed Steve Lomas.

That back-tracking to appoint Lomas, a young manager without Championship experience, has been shown to be a big mistake.

The club needs a big lift at the moment as we have had far too many heavy defeats this season and now with all the sendings off we are getting, having no permanent manager and too many players seemingly not good enough for this level, it is looking more and more like a relegation season.

Something needs to pick the whole club up quickly.

What the club are doing in signing loannee right back Justin Hoyte permanently whilst we don't have a permanent manager I don't know.

Hoyte has yet to prove he is any better than others such as Alan Dunne or Jack Smith and who is to say a new manager will fancy playing Hoyte at all? Looks like money potentially wasted.

Meanwhile, last week probably our best player, James Henry, joined Wolves permanently for an undisclosed fee probably around £250,000, about a quarter of his true value.

Alright Lomas didn't fancy him and he seemed to be Jackett's favourite son, but maybe the new manager might have managed to get him playing well for us again.

Although without knowing the exact ins and outs of this deal, it might have been sown up as part of his loan package anyway. If it was, it was another less than ideal decision in hindsight.

We might have lost him in the summer for nothing but his replacements so far have proved to not be fit to lace his boots.

This report was written before the appointment of Ian Holloway on Monday afternoon. For Fan's Roar views on that move click here

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