Facial recognition technology part of Canary Wharf screen upgrade

By Rob Virtue on January 15, 2014 2:40 PM |


The screen at Reuters Plaza has received an upgrade which gives it the capability of finding out the age and gender of its audience.

The facial recognition technology enables it to change content of its adverts according to who is in the area at the time.

It is part of the recent refurbishment of the screen, which is also now has full wi-fi capability.

It went live last week with the first brands to advertise being Swiss Air, Infiniti, Santander and the NBA.

The upgrade of the 22.6m sq screen has been carried out by Ocean Outdoor which has also improved clarity, resolution and contrast.

Ocean Outdoor marketing director Richard Malton said: "The Screen @ Canary Wharf delivers one of the most prestigious audiences in the country.

"It therefore makes complete sense that this location should be equal to the audience with regard to the quality of the advertising impact.


"Our latest investment in this iconic full motion digital screen delivers on that perfectly."

The screen also shows news content from Thomson Reuters.

Reuters Plaza is considered one of the most prestigious locations in the country for advertising with an AB audience of 1.37million each fortnight.

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