Data blog: How many 'home-grown' players do West Ham have compared to Premier League rivals?

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In 2010 the Premier League introduced the Home Grown Player Rule to encourage clubs to develop talent. However, what constitutes a home-grown player is not simple. In fact, players who are not born in England can be "home-grown players".

West Ham, for example, has 15 home-grown players, the second highest in the league. Five are non-English.

See our graphics, below, for more information.

In 2010 the Premier League introduced the "Home Grown Player Rule".

This rule was designed to encouraging clubs to develop homegrown talent as opposed to relying on foreign imports: "the Premier League welcomes overseas players but remains aware of the need to sustain the development of home-grown talent," they say on the Premier League site.

However, what constitutes as a homegrown player may differ from what many people would perceive, and the policy may be leading to the strengthening of national teams other than England's.

Premier League clubs cannot name more than 17 non-homegrown players in their 25 man squad. The remainder must be homegrown though under 21s players are not subject to the rule as they do not form part of the 25-man squad.

A quarter of all homegrown players registered in Premier League clubs' 25-man squads were born outside of England. Players such as Charles N'Zogbia and Philippe Senderos are classed as homegrown but were born in France and Switzerland respectively.

There are 223 homegrown players in all, which does not include those from a club's under 21 squad, come from a total of 27 countries including England.

60 of the 223 homegrown players come from outside of England, 29 of whom were born in the British Isles.

Aston Villa have produced six of the current 60 homegrown players born outside of England - more than any other Premier League club - with Arsenal and Manchester United having produced five each.

All of Chelsea's five homegrown players are English though.


cb said:

France 3?

Newcastle have double that on their own

Dan said:

Yes they have quite a few french players, but hardly any of them are 'homegrown'

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