Average Brit has visited seven countries

By Rob Virtue on January 6, 2014 1:29 PM |


A study by London City Airport has found the average British person has visited seven other countries.

Staff at the hub interviewed passengers and found a third of Brits had visited 10 or more countries - and one of the 2,000 surveyed made it to a whopping 42 foreign lands.

Interestingly, Amsterdam was the biggest hit among male travellers, while women chose sunnier climes for breaks.

But France tops the list with 66 per cent visiting. Second was Spain at 58 per cent, followed by USA at 41, Germany at 36, Greece at 34, Italy at 33 and Belgium at 33 per cent.

Further afield and 12 per cent have visited Australia, six per cent Thailand and Hong Kong, and just four per cent have gone to China and South Africa.

Paris was the most visited city with 52 per cent having been there.

Declan Collier, CEO of London City Airport said: "Overseas travel is no longer seen as a big deal, it's become almost as normal as catching a train.

"This has led to more people feeling comfortable with last minute getaways, leaving packing to the night before an early morning flight, and travelling regularly for business and pleasure."


David Mason said:

I used to Live in Cyprus Place down at New Beckton.

Can anybody tell me where the old Woolwich ferry Boats went to! the ones with enamelled signs telling people they were used in the Dunkirk evacuation in WW2.

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