Working Mum: I don't know where to look!

By Giles Broadbent on December 4, 2013 7:32 PM |


By Tabitha Ronson

Master A's headmistress called me to one side recently and asked me if I could help out another mummy.

According to the head, the mum, who has a little boy in Reception, is due to go into hospital next week to have an operation on her foot.

Unable to drive, she will need someone to take her son and collect him from school.

Apparently, I live the closest to this particular family so it was thought I could provide the perfect solution.

The fact I work five days a week and have a schedule as finely tuned as a concert grand seems to have escaped them. However, not one to disappoint, I agreed to help out.

In order for the little boy to get to know us ahead of our week-long car share, Master A and I popped over to their house at the weekend.

The mummy couldn't have been more thrilled that we were able to help out, giving us huge bear hugs when we arrived and gushing about how grateful she was of our support.

While our boys went off to play, we sat down to have a get-to-know-you style chat. I got more than I bargained for. Within a few minutes, she took me into her confidence, announcing: "As we're going to be seeing each other quite a lot, I may as well tell you the truth."

After a stressful week at work I really could do without people opening up to me with their problems. A problem shared is a problem I'd rather not have dumped upon me.

We huddled conspiratorially on the sofa. Without a flinch or hesitation, she proceeded to tell me how the foot operation was a ruse, a cover up.

She was actually going in to have vaginoplasty - rejuvenation surgery on her lady bits.
"You know how it is. It's all a bit flippy-floppy. I've got to keep my hubbie happy," she giggled.

What does one say given that information? I managed a: "Oh, that's nice for you both."

Working mum - not knowing where to look every time I've seen the mum this week. Ouch!

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