Floating Village at Royal Docks back in the pipeline

By Rob Virtue on December 6, 2013 2:20 PM |

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Plans for a stunning floating village on Royal Victoria Dock have been boosted by Boris Johnson after he promised funding to procure the land.

The London Mayor signed off a £270,000 deal this week to push the scheme forward.

It proposes a residential-led development, with the potential for bars, restaurants, a hotel and leisure activities.

It will see the water remain in the dock and will see a "series of piers, jetties and floating islands".

The funding will see the Mayor's GLA Land and Property Ltd (GLAP) and the Royal Docks Management Authority (RoDMA) join forces.

RoDMA currently pays a nominal rent on a 225-year lease on the site, which is owned by the GLA. The deal will see the RoDMA surrender part of the lease.

The £270,000 includes £75,000 of legal fees, £90,000 for property advice and technical due diligence and £105,000 for costs already incurred by RoDMA.


Private sector investment into the scheme will now be sought to fund construction of the site.

A steering group, led by the Mayor's deputy for housing, Richard Blakeway, is to be established to support this.

The Mayor hopes the floating village will work with the Siemens Pavilion and the Emirates Air Line to boost employment opportunities and tourism in the area, as well providing much-needed extra housing.

In 2011, architects Egret West had received planning approval for a floating village as one of the winning applicants for a competition to redevelop the Royal Docks. However, the scheme failed to materialise.

In March this year the Mayor said he was pushing the proposal forward, announcing: "This site is unique. It has the potential to become one of the most sought after addresses in the capital while breathing new life back into London's waterways."


john said:

Why is this being proposed when there is so much unused land in the surrounding area ?

Just to attract people to the cable car ?

Glad i didnt buy property overlooking a dock assuming you cant build on water.

not a very good use of public money at all.

Theo said:

Far better use of space than building over parks or demolishing old buildings.

Really looking to the future what with sea levels rising, flooding and global warming looking more and more frequent floating housing is by far the stand out winner in sustainability.

Cant wait for projects like these to finally start emerging in the UK, its about time we tried to stand out again.

Jack said:

Another public open space that is being built on, when there is space ready for development next door.

Why do we have to loose this historic open water space of dock.

Just to provide artifical support to the loss making cable car ?

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