Fitness: Let your gym regime fit your genetic profile

By Beth Allcock on December 12, 2013 5:24 PM |


Technology that matches an individual's DNA profile with their genetic ability to respond to exercise and diet is proving popular at Reebok Sports Club.

Ulisses, head of personal training at the Canada Square gym, said the findings gained from the DNAFit Test - which relates to general performance and diet - would "take away the guessing game" for Wharfers seeking to make the most of their fitness sessions.

After sending off swab samples to the lab, experts will scrutinise up to 30 genes and genetic variants including the newly-discovered FTO, dubbed the fat gene, which scientists discovered can make fatty foods appear more tempting.

Extensive results are sent out in less than four weeks, which then allow Reebok's band of personal trainers to create a bespoke, 12-week workout programme for participants to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their workout.

Ulisses called DNAFit a "one-off test" that would provide valuable guidance throughout a person's life, whatever their level of fitness.

He said: "The great thing about the general performance test is to see how your body responds to exercise based on your DNA - are you better off doing strength exercises or endurance training, for example.


"That's whether you're performance-based, or endurance-based, or a mixed variable of both.

"A lot of people come to the gym, train and do cardio and they sometimes don't see any results - and that's why the test is very important.

"It also tells you what diet is best suited to your DNA - whether that's a high protein diet, a low-carb diet or a Mediterranean diet."

The dietary findings highlight an individual's risk of developing obesity as well as scrutinising insulin levels, with guidelines on how to adopt the new eating habits sent out alongside the information.

Results also include statistics about injury risk and the recovery rate needed between each workout.

Avi Lasarow, DNA entrepreneur and founder of DNAFit and Lasarow Healthcare Technologies, said: "I've worked in the field for many years and am convinced this will become a market-disrupting technology in the fitness industry.

"In the same way Google and Facebook now play a part in our daily lives, DNAFit testing could achieve the same magnitude of change. You can't change your genes but you can change your exercise."

■ The DNAFit Programme is available to members and non members and costs £265. This includes the test, extensive results, a 30-minute consultation with one of Reebok's personal trainers, dietary guidelines and a free one-day gym pass.

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