Fitness: Canary Wharf swimming coach talks of his projects in the pool

By Beth Allcock on December 30, 2013 10:08 AM |


Reebok Sports Club's 25-year-old swimming coach Lorcan Loughrey tells us about his personal goals and latest project in the pool.

■ What do you do at the club?

I started as a personal swimming coach in February this year.

I have also set up Canary Wharf Reebok Swimming Club of which I am the secretary and coach.

This club has been affiliated to the ASA (National Governing Body for Swimming), which gives us the ability to participate in nationally licensed competitions.

To the best of my knowledge we are the first club of our kind to have developed a swimming club.

■ What's this about a new outreach programme?

When I started at Reebok one of my goals was to develop the swimming programme further, increasing awareness and offering diversity in the opportunities for everyone to swim.

I wanted to reach further and do more for swimming around the area I work and live - with a quick search I came across Queen Mary University Swimming.

The club were in need of a voluntary swimming coach so I dropped an email to the club president.

The club has more than 40 swimmers and consists of a fitness team and competition team who train twice a week.

After discussing this Reebok, I was happy to provide my time to work at the university and, within a matter of days I started coaching the team for their next competition. I have been doing that for nearly two months now.

■ What's the goal for the university club members?

All of the swimmers have different aspirations for their swimming, some come to keep fit, some come to improve technique, and many come to compete.

The atmosphere we are now developing together thrives on their aspirations and commitment, the team is strong and is showing a real drive to move forward.

Our overall goal is to build up the swimming programme to a point that allows the participants to not only develop as swimmers, but as people as well.

In terms of competitions, we are looking to start competing in the British University Championships held twice a year and other various competitions throughout London.

■ How are you helping them?

I'd like to think the swimmers have picked up on the passion I have for swimming and have started to thrive because of my upbeat behaviour.

■ You've trained Olympic hopefuls before, is training professional swimmers what you enjoy most?

I started my career teaching swimming to preschool children and then moved to teenagers and adults. It's the diversity between different individual's goals that I really enjoy.

■ Any future swimming schemes in the pipeline?

I'd love to be involved in some way in the £36million regeneration of Poplar Baths, somewhere I walk past every day. I wrote my dissertation on corporate social responsibility and how this could extend to the community so it's a subject close to my heart.

Members can book training sessions with Lorcan at Reebok via

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