Campaigner delivers 1,000 letters about City Airport

By Rob Virtue on December 20, 2013 11:22 AM |


Over 1,000 letters complaining about London City Airport's planned expansion were delivered to Newham Council this week.

Nearby resident Ethel Odiete donned a Father Christmas outfit for the day to hand over the paperwork to the borough, which is running a consultation on the development.

Ethel said: "My child goes to school less than 250 metres from the airport.

"Now City Airport want to build over the dock and expand their taxiway - my daughter will play under jet fumes and with planes chugging out toxic gases as they wait to take off.

"All the local kids have asthma. It's time City Airport shut down and let our community breathe."


Campaigners say pollution and noise levels are already high and would be increased by the airport's expansion.

Amina Gishinga, Stratford resident and co-founder of The Momentum Project said: "The pollution in Newham is already dangerously high - exceeding EU legal limits by 50 per cent.

"Newham Council says it wants to regenerate and make our area London's green future. That will be impossible if an airport is allowed to expand in such a densely populated area."

However, City Airport says the expansion would allow for newer, cleaner aircraft to fly.

It released a statement in response to Wednesday's delivery, which said: "The City Airport Development Programme will create 1,500 new full-time jobs and a further 500 during construction.

"It will attract investment to the Royal Docks and wider east of London, enable us to continue to support local charitable organisations and initiatives, and provide more opportunities for training and education.

"Without the development programme, the airport will continue to grow, however, with the developments that growth will allow the airport to introduce new cleaner, quieter aircraft and expand the route network to new markets, boosting the appeal of Newham and surrounding areas for people to invest, work, live and visit."

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