Bright start for Canary Wharf team focussed on fixing your broken smartphone

By Beth Allcock on December 12, 2013 10:22 AM |


Whether your mobile phone has been left out of action following a functional glitch or is merely a ringing fashion disaster, a new store in Canary Wharf is tailoring its services to techies and trendsetters alike.

The walls of iSmash, in a corner of Canada Place Mall, are adorned with striking phone cases, trendy Marley headphones and swish gadget bags.

But there's also a repair hub behind the desk, offering to bring your gadget back to life in a lunchtime.

Specialising in repairs for Apple touchscreen devices while also able to tackle many other brands, store manager Amy White said Wharfers had been clamouring at the doors more than two days before they opened.

When the Irish brand opened its second London outlet last Wednesday staff immediately took orders to mend six devices.


She said: "Nowadays your phone is your life and you want to know it is being left in good hands. When you go to the high street you might get shops that offer repairs but you might feel you can't trust them.

"There was a gap in the market and we wanted to become a very recognised brand people can go to and feel trusted with.

"Canary Wharf being a business area, everyone will have a phone and, having spoken to people, lots smash their phones.

"Here, the customers can just say 'I need it doing by then' and it will be done."

The iSmash focus on gadget personalisation is the second string to its colourful bow - and something that has proved popular at its other outlet in the capital, in Kings Road, Chelsea.


Amy said gadgets could be changed into a bespoke creation, whether that's replacing casing, back panels and the screen or glamming up the colours of the buttons.

"Recently I made up a rainbow phone up for a customer," she said. "It's your phone, so we personalise it how you want it to be."

She said the seven-strong team had high expectations.

"Canary Wharf has a nice community feel - we are looking at high end stores and we are in an area with lots of footfall.

"We have come here in the hope we are well suited and become a recognised brand."

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