Bar Spy: Lodge d'Argent

By Jon Massey on December 9, 2013 10:42 AM |

Lodge d'Argent

City space that attempts to channel Chamonix falls flat as a place to party after long working hours.

I have some sympathy for D&D's attempt to create a little flurry of winter business in the City.

Its après work bar at Coq d'Argent is a punchy attempt to make use of an awkward terrace (not quite large enough for a decent party) by coaxing weary suits onto furry sofas to buy flavourless iceberg cocktails in silly hats.

But the fun feels forced, the elements too far away (thanks to enough flame burners to make sure visitors come out medium rare) and the snow panoramas jar with the restaurant's sleek assurance.

You can't even look down at the streets below as holes in the foliage have been thoughtfully blocked up with drab peak snaps.

Lodge d'Argent, 1 Poultry, City, EC2R 8EJ, 020 7395 5000,

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