Quirky interesting singleton? Then east Londoner's dating site could prove your perfect match

By Beth Allcock on October 10, 2013 4:33 PM |


Interesting singletons who ooze a quirky coolness - with no sign of a geeky trait in sight - are prime candidates for Love Flutter, the latest online dating website.

But only if they pass a mandatory 10-question challenge beforehand.

Westferry man Daigo Smith came up with the idea during a trip with business partner David Standen.

The duo used their unsatisfactory experiences of web-based relationships to create the concept, which Daigo believes boils down to the ability to have an old-fashioned chit chat.

"That's the idea. If you're more interesting you have got more to talk about on a first date," said the 35-year-old.

"I have had a lot of bad dates and you have tumbleweed moments where you realise the dating site you use didn't match you up properly.

"Our site is trying to spark conversation on a first date and we think someone quirky and interesting is going to have a lot to say."

Along with the help of a psychologist, the friends pinpointed four traits that would reflect an interesting date, including curiosity, risk-taking, interests and presence.

And Wharfers have so far proven to be the cream of the capital's dating crop, with a 60 per cent pass rate for those opting to take the test compared to 50 per cent of City workers deemed to be quirky and interesting.

After singles succeed on the interesting scale - by securing a pass mark of 66 per cent or more - they will then be free to create a Love Flutter profile, complete with areas to list favourite bands, books and pastimes, which can be compared with other users.

Extras include a suggest-a-date icon to pinpoint meeting spots close to both parties while a mobile app is being designed for access on-the-go.

"In places like London, it's difficult to meet people," said Daigo.

"I'm single and I see it [online dating] as something in my tool kit to meet people.

"Quirky interesting people tend to get out and do stuff like go to gigs to meet like-minded people.

"We are making it easier to start a conversation with something you both have in common."

But the site's method of selection, which has currently attracted 20,000 users spread across the globe has raised some eyebrows.

Daigo said some people had questioned the founders' right to choose who should and shouldn't be allowed to date.

"My comeback is that we're not like some other shallow websites based on a certain level of physical attraction," he said.

"We are not exclusive in that sense. If we're teaching people to be more interesting and better at dating, that helps everyone really."

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