Health and Fitness: Get the Matthew Fox look

By Rob Virtue on June 27, 2013 2:31 PM |

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The Wharf's fitness columnist Laura Williams tells you how to lose weight while building up muscle mass to help you get the physique Matthew Fox perfected ahead of his latest role.

The actor embarked on a gruelling diet and fitness regime to play the cage fighting serial killer in the thriller Alex Cross.

How he did it: A diet of chicken breasts, steamed broccoli and protein shakes meant Fox dropped pounds for his role.


He combined this with plenty of cardiovascular exercise as well as tough circuit training to lose the weight and gain the muscle mass required for the role.

Do it for yourself: No doubt you've either tried a low carb diet by now for yourself, or you've got friends or colleagues who swear by this as an effective way of losing weight.

There are three main principles behind the often high weight loss associated with low carb diets. One is that the majority of weight loss is from water (when you cut down on carbs drastically, you also lose water), the second is that when you severely restrict the body's intake of carbs you force it into a process called ketosis, whereby the body begins to burn its own fat as fuel.

The third theory behind the weight loss is that as carby-foods so often tend to be the fattening ones, you're simply creating a big calorie deficit. Let's face it, there's only so much steak you can eat, unlike, say, bread, spuds, pizza and chocolate.

Still tempted to go low carb? Try and include as many carbs in the form of veggies with your protein fix and choose your protein wisely (lean meat, fish and low fat dairy).