Health and Fitness: Get the Matt Damon look

By Beth Allcock on May 30, 2013 4:16 PM |

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The Wharf's Fitness Columnist Laura Williams tells us how to get the look of actor Matt Damon through tough bursts of high intensity training.

Matt's getting right back in the exercise saddle to make sure he stays looking his best for any upcoming roles.

How he does it: Matt Damon's one of the many celebs who favours the tougher stuff, including running sprints. He said: "Try to find something you can improve at, because that will keep you doing it and will also make it fun."

Do it for yourself: Whether you're talking about full-on tough with the popular H.I.I.T training or just including tougher bursts while out on your Sunday run, both will make a huge difference to fitness levels.

Your body needs this kind of higher intensity training to make the adaptations that will leave you feeling really fit. The plus side is that it also has a knock-on effect to metabolic rate so you'll be a little more efficient at burning off those business lunches too.

The following session formed part of Matt Damon's weekly sprint drill when training for 2009's rugby drama Invictus - warm-up by jogging slowly for one mile, stretch, rest for a few minutes.

Run a total of four miles dividing each mile into sections with the first 100 yards at 25 percent maximum speed; 100 yards at 75 percent maximum speed, then 200 yards at 25 percent maximum speed.

This is a great workout that even beginners can tailor to their fitness level - you can do it anywhere and it shouldn't take longer than 40-45 minutes.