Health and Fitness: Get the Gerard Butler look

By Rob Virtue on May 9, 2013 2:30 PM |

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The Wharf's fitness columnist Laura Williams tells us how Gerard Butler is cutting his calorie intake to get ready for his new film Olympus Has Fallen.

For his latest roles, the beefy actor has exchanged kettlebells for cleanses.

How he does it: "I've gotten into yoga and cleanses," said Butler, who has recently been getting into shape for Olympus Has Fallen. "I've lightened up on the weight lifting. I do lots of cardio now."

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Do it for yourself: Gerard Butler has gone full circle from lifting hard and heavy for his role in 300 to upping the aerobic exercise and cutting calorie intake.

So which is best for shaping up? Lots of cardio as favoured by Mr Butler will help you to trim down, especially if you tackle diet at the same time.

Actors are notorious for adopting stringent eating practices like cleanses that fast track their gym efforts.

But combining the two often proves very difficult, particularly when you haven't got the added incentive of receiving a multi-million pound pay check for your efforts.

Lifting weights will help you to add muscle mass, and providing you lift heavy enough weights or perform sufficiently challenging moves such as the pull up, you should gain strength too.

A combination of the two is ideal to tick all fitness boxes. You can also copy the star and add yoga to your routine.

Many yoga poses use your own body weight to challenge muscles sufficiently to provide a viable alternative to weights exercises.

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