Docklands Light Railway to Bromley and Euston?


Studies are underway to explore the feasibility of extending the Docklands Light Railway to Euston and Bromley.

Euston would link east London with both High Speed 2 and Crossrail 2, while an extension southbound from Lewisham would give commuters from Bromley a 25 minute journey to Canary Wharf.

The DLR's head of development and planning Robert Niven said there was "a push for extending" the route from Bank to Euston after Mayor Boris Johnson announced his support for a Crossrail 2 line from Hampton Court in the south to Cheshunt in the north via Euston.

Crossrail 2 would complement HS2 - due to open in 2026 - which will have a Euston interchange.

"It's important to look at inward connections," said Mr Niven.

"It's fine getting people to the West End but without further investment - and I'm not saying DLR is the only solution - there will not be a proper link to the City and Canary Wharf

"We haven't done much more work on this because Crossrail 2 is still being discussed but we have to look at how it can be done."

A link to Bromley is also being looked into. Currently commuters face journeys involving buses and the Tube that take around an hour.

"At the moment extending the DLR to Bromley is the most credible option," said Mr Niven.

"It's still progressing in terms of what it will look like, what it will cost and the benefits.

"There is significant journey time advantages but it will come back to the affordability of the scheme."

Other much-discussed DLR extensions include routes to Eltham and Dagenham Dock.

Mr Niven said Greenwich Council, which came up with the original idea for Eltham, needed to carry out "more groundwork" before the scheme could move forward.

The Dagenham extension, meanwhile, has been talked about for years. However, they are progressing.

"We're looking at revising the plans but with a different scope focussed on how we can facilitate redevelopment of Barking Reach," said Mr Niven.

"There's land ideal for new homes in that area which needs to be unlocked.

"It's in its infancy but we are looking at whether it's feasible.

"What will make it happen is to look at what homes can be built and whether there is a cheaper alternative to the DLR."