Tube pickpocket behind bars

By Beth Allcock on February 6, 2013 11:03 AM |


Officers worked quickly to arrest a Greenwich man just 10 minutes after he stole a mobile phone and Oyster card from a passenger on the Tube.

Adrian Moldovan of Greenwich High Road was sentenced to 26 weeks imprisonment at Westminster Magistrates' Court on January 31, after he admitted the theft.

The 42-year-old Romanian national, committed the offence at around 7pm on Wednesday, 30 January.

The court heard the victim, a 26-year-old woman from Leyton, boarded an eastbound Piccadilly line train at Leicester Square London Underground station with her mobile phone and Oyster card in her jacket pocket.

Moldovan was travelling on the same service and stole the items from the victim's pocket before leaving the train as the doors began to close.

Plain clothes pickpocket squad officers for British Transport Police (BTP) were patrolling the platform at the time and noticed Moldovan acting suspiciously.

They followed him to the Tottenham Court Road station where he was searched, and the items recovered.

Speaking after the sentencing, PC Gareth Jones said: "The victim was left feeling very upset and shaken when she realised her property had been taken from her pocket.

"She was very grateful that we caught Moldovan so quickly and to be reunited with her mobile phone and Oyster card later that evening.

"Crime on public transport in London is low and reducing further, but we cannot afford to be complacent and are tackling theft head on.

"A few simple precautions can also help reduce this type of crime. Remember to zip up your bags, keep your jewellery, mobile phones and MP3 players hidden and stay alert to what's going on around you."