Shisha bar prepares to open at Canary Wharf

By Rob Virtue on February 1, 2013 2:44 PM |

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Come 6pm and the Wharf is full of people unwinding - with shopping, a bite to eat, a glass of wine, a few glasses or often more.

But there's another relaxing pastime heading this way. Temple Lounge is a shisha garden due to open in West India Quay in mid-February.

According to its owner Naz Choudhury it's already creating waves.

"The amount of people already contacting me and signing up to our Facebook page is amazing," he said.

"There's a huge trend to this with a big following. It's really sociable and for people who fancy a night out but don't want to drink. They just want to have a nice time, perhaps something to eat and a smoke."

The venue also brings Indian and Lebanese cuisine to the site formerly Champagne bar Aston's on the Quay.

Unlike it's predecessors and all the contemporaries on the strip, Temple Lounge will not sell alcohol and will only allow people to bring their own if they are eating a meal and have pre-booked.

The new venue follows Naz's first shisha bar, which opened in Oxford in 2010. That proved to be such a success he wanted to bring it to the capital, which involved a period of searching until he came across the dock-side venue.

"I knew about Canary Wharf but I didn't know about West India Quay at all," he said. "It's an amazing area but there's not enough destination places so we want to offer something different. Hopefully we'll draw attention to West India Quay and everyone will benefit.

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"It's difficult to get people over from the offices of Canary Wharf because of the choice but when people know what we're doing that will change.

"It's going to be one of the best shisha lounges in London with the best view."

The covered outdoor area is where the smoking will take place and will be decked out with heaters and Moroccan-style sofas.

Meanwhile, chefs inside will be preparing a variety of tastes.

"The cafe has good quality Italian coffee, cakes, shakes and desserts," said Naz, who used to work at his father's chain of restaurants.

"With my background the Indian side came easy while the Lebanese was harder but I've spent time in the Middle East and Edgware Road and have always been fascinated by the culture and the healthiness of the food.

"We've got a tandoori oven and grill with a chef for the Indian food and another for the Lebanese."

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Khurum Raja said:

Wow shisha with a view!!! Sounds awesome!! I cannot wait and I think once people get the flavour for this type relaxing atmosphere they will love it!!! I have been to many shisha places before but this one sounds not only viberent but exiting too!!! Can't wait!! Massive Thanks to the owners for bringing something different to this side of London. I think it's gona be a hit. I can't wait!!!

Rizvan said:

This sounds awesome! I'd heard about the temple lounge in oxford and when I finally got the chance to visit I wasn't disappointed. If that set up can be replicated here in London, they can be assured that I will soon become a frequent visitor. A nice non alcoholic alternative is long overdue in the Canary Wharf vicinity. Well done.

Hisham said:

At last, Executive Shisha atmosphere in an executive part of London city.

Can't wait for the opening!