Rough ride expected for City Pride proposal

By Rob Virtue on February 1, 2013 10:15 AM |


Developers planning to build a huge tower on the site of the City Pride pub have been warned to scale down their proposals after Tower Hamlets Council rejected the nearby Skylines Village due to concerns over its size.

The borough's planning committee voted five to none last week to reject the 764-unit scheme for Limeharbour.

The decision came after the Greater London Authority said it was concerned density figures exceeded those in the London Plan guidance.

Despite planning officers raising no objection to the developer's plans, councillors agreed with the GLA. They also cited worries over reduction of daylight for nearby residents and overstretched health services.


Cllr Peter Golds, who spoke against the application on behalf of Isle of Dogs residents, said developer ZBV (Skylines) Ltd and Skylines (Isle of Dogs) had to be more realistic.

"If they were to come back with less scale, less density and a more user friendly scheme they might get somewhere," he said.

"This was 25 per cent over the density recommended in the London Plan. That's enormous. If they come back with something even a bit nearer the London Plan they could have a chance."


After the meeting, the Conservative councillor for Blackwall and Cubitt Town said the decision spelt trouble for City Pride.

Plans for the 75-storey development of 864 units and 84 serviced apartments were submitted to Tower Hamlets Council earlier this month.

Also put forward by developer Chalegrove Properties is a 173-apartment building at nearby Island Point, which will be for social rented and affordable housing.

He said: "City Pride will be the real test on the Isle of Dogs. It's completely over the top in terms of size, scale and density. And there's the issue of social cohesion with the social housing completely separate down the road."


Concerned Resident said:

In your face J Marsden!

Isle of Dogs Resident said:

Whilst this sounds like very good news for the Isle of Dogs, time will tell whether it actually makes a difference. Just to note that it's pretty ridiculous that the developers of skylines have come in with a density so far in excess of the London Plan - either complete chancers or genuinely thought that they might get that one through (I suppose who can blame them given the number of developments around London which fail to stick to the London Plan)

Richard Woodward said:

This is a standard size building in most cities around the world. How on Earth can London stay successful when average size proposals like this face being turned down in the face of village people living in the city?!

Isle of Dogs Resident said:

If you truly think the success of London (or any other city) is or will be determined by the size of the buildings - or that the size of the buildings is reflective of any other sort of sucessful mechanism or process in the city you genuinely are deluded