Police out in force for London-wide operation

By Rob Virtue on February 27, 2013 9:48 AM |


Tower Hamlets Police carried out six warrants on Wednesday morning as the force took part in the London-wide Operation Big Wing.

Officers also held a street briefing in Canary Wharf at 7am, while in Newham police made arrests over warrants for issues from theft to drug possession.

In Greenwich, arrests were carried out for issues such as assault, threats to kill, burglary and criminal damage.

Met Police said the day-long initiative was covering a range of areas - from warrants, high visibility patrols and police surgeries.

Chief Superintendent Simon Letchford said: "Gang violence, drugs, and knife crime are serious, high harm crimes that can sadly have a devastating and lasting effect on local communities; however, there are also many other issues which might be seen as 'lower level' offences, such as anti-social behaviour or uninsured drivers, that we know can and do blight the daily lives of too many people.

"Today's operation is about showing Londoners that we have listened to their concerns and we are committed to taking robust preventative and disruptive action to stop this criminal activity and make their communities safer."