Pancake-themed Breakfast Club for Tower Hamlets

By Beth Allcock on February 12, 2013 12:43 PM |

Debora gets a hug.jpg

Schoolchildren in Tower Hamlets enjoyed a plate of tasty pancakes to start the day as part of a charity initiative.

The Magic Breakfast organisation was supported with a substantial donation of 6,000 pancakes from Abra-ca-Debora, who helped distribute the treats - which were then doused in mouthwatering toppings - to schools in the borough on Tuesday.

Those at Poplar's Our Lady's RC Primary School, pictured, were some of the lucky diners.

Magic Breakfast founder Carmel McConnell said: "We want to ensure children have the best start to the day in a warm and safe environment.

"We want to raise awareness of the positive impact of breakfast clubs, with 94% of our partner schools reporting children attending have improved social relationships and 93% have seen improved energy and concentration in lessons."