MP's fury over Tower Hamlets' loss of police officers

By Rob Virtue on February 13, 2013 5:22 PM |

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Government cuts have been condemned by a Tower Hamlets MP who says the borough will lose 17 per cent of its police force.

Labour's Rushanara Ali spoke out about the Home Office grant figures for the coming 12 months which she says will have seen £1billion cut from the police budget since 2010.

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The MP for Bethnal Green and Bow said: "Tower Hamlets has suffered a dramatic nine per cent increase in crime since this Government came to power, following six successive years of falling crime under the previous Labour Government.

"This Government's reduction in frontline police puts our communities at risk with fewer frontline officers, fewer officers responding to 999 calls and less visible police."

The MP added that Home Office figures showed over 30,000 less crimes were solved in the last year, including 7,000 crimes of violence against the person.

She said: "I know Tower Hamlets police are trying their hardest to deal with challenging crime issues, but due to the current Government's cuts thousands of victims are being denied justice with thousands more criminals getting away with it, so this Government needs to urgently rethink next year's police budget cuts and stop letting our communities down."


the minority said:

Maybe if your extremist council had not squandered all the planning gain and council taxes, on council self interest, housing benefits, fraud, vote rigging, muslim self interest, etc we would not need these cuts!

Anonymous said:

She's the hottest MP

tax payer said:

The honest tax payer has had enough of T Hamlets councils miss appropriation of council tax funds, real hatred is brewing.