Education U-turn welcomed at George Green's School

By Beth Allcock on February 13, 2013 10:23 AM |

CS31346786Kenny Frederick.jpg

The Government's decision to scrap a proposed system to replace GCSEs has been welcomed by a headteacher on the Isle of Dogs.

Kenny Frederick, principal of George Green's School, said education secretary Michael Gove had been "forced to listen to the profession" and go back on plans to introduce English Baccalaureate Certificates to replace the current grading system by 2015.

The Bacc is said to involve "tougher" examination on subjects including English, Maths and Science.

Ms Frederick said: "We now wait to see what he (Michael Gove) is suggesting in terms of revising GCSEs.

"It is not true that GCSEs are discredited.

"It is not true that there has been grade inflation.

"There has been school improvement.

"Teaching is much better and pupils are working harder - this does not mean grades are inflated.

"If GCSEs were easy, all our pupils would achieve 100 per cent five A to C grades."


Bernard, Island Gardens said:

Well, a headmistress would say that wouldn't she? Of course there is "grade inflation". We have graduates passing through my office whose standard of spelling and grammar is a joke, yet they went through the educational system which this woman claims is so good.