Butchers enjoy a spike following horsegate scandal

By Rob Virtue on February 12, 2013 11:10 AM |


Shoppers worrying what's in their burgers are spurning supermarkets and heading to their butchers for meats.

While huge stores are suffering after horse was found in what customers were told was beef goods, Greenwich's Drings is reporting a big spike in new customers asking for mince.

Michael Jones, owner of the butchers at Royal Hill, said: "We were so busy at the weekend with new faces coming in and people saying they need to know where their meat really comes from.

"We've definitely noticed a spike in sales, particularly in mince.

"We physically handle it the meat and know where it's from so we know it's the right type of meat."


Supermarkets such as Tesco have been hit by the revelation some of the beef burgers on sale were made with horse meat.

Ready-meal supplier Findus was also found to have horse in its frozen dishes such as beef lasagne.

And on Tuesday morning European ministers pledged to hold a summit over the cross-contamination saga.

Mr Jones said: "It's no surprise to us things like this are happening with supermarket meat, especially ready meals, as they are trying to make them as cheap as possible."