Blonde's Eye View: We're over the worst

By Rob Virtue on February 10, 2013 12:07 PM |


Angela Clarke packs away her gym kit and opens the chocolates

We made it through January - high five! Any of your New Year's resolutions still intact? No, thought not. I mean, resolving to be a better person and whatnot is so last month.

Everyone knows February is all about overpriced flowers and chocolates.

All that guff about keeping fit - pfft I was too busy: work's been crazy, and don't even mention the tax return, and Splash was seminal viewing. Absolute must-see.

The gyms, and the health centres, and anyone who teaches you how to sweat, are looking slightly panicked.

There are flyers and e-offers whizzing around, trying to tempt us back to our workouts. The fools - did they really think we'd keep up with the swimming at 6.30am every day?

The gyms are desperate to turn our brief fling into a full-blown relationship. "Think of summer," they whine. "I could make your beach holiday even better! I could get you into a two piece swimsuit!"

It's no good gym, you blew it that time you ran out of clean towels.

But still they try, like a deluded stalker.

I've just seen a poster advertising "Adult Ballet". Despite sounding like a euphemism the Queen might use for having sex, Adult Ballet is marginally better than "Balletcise", "Boxercise", or any other word combination of a cardio activity and "exercise".

Here's the problem with your word mash up/latest fitness craze: ballet is exercise. Squishing them together makes what? Exercise-exercise?

Geez I have enough difficulty motivating myself to exercise once, I don't want a supersized double portion of sweat.

January, exercise, it really is over. Pass the heart shaped chocolates please.

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