Working Mum: Why this is going to be my year

By Giles Broadbent on January 3, 2013 3:55 PM |


By Tabitha Ronson

This is going to be the year. The one in which I go from playing the safe option to mastering the rules the brave and the bold.

I say this every year and limp to the end of each one wondering why I'm still in exactly the same place despite clocking in another birthday and looking behind the sofa for all those resolutions I must have misplaced not long after the year began.

But this year - this year - things are going to be different. For starters we're all still here despite what those old Mayan fatalists predicted, which has to be a positive beginning.

More than that, it's like a new dawn, a new chapter so I want to shake off the old me and adopt a far more emboldened version.

I'm hoping by being less like my old self and more like my new one my life will flip from frantic to serene, from Trojan to regal.

Take the opposite path to the one I would normally travel. Choose life.

In the workplace, I'll swagger. I'll strut. If an opportunity arises, I'll grab it, if it doesn't, I'll create one. My daily mantras will be: I believe in my abilities, and I deserve greatness.

I will not let others (in particular Young Colleague) invade my psyche or give them the power to affect my wellbeing.

I will not worry what others think of me or try to be friends with everyone on the planet. It's OK not to get on with some people.

As a mum, I'll accept that some days some of those rows and rows of spinning plates may fall to the floor. As long as the majority of them keep spinning and no harm's done then I can pat myself on the back.

In 2013, with the arrival of new me, I'm allowed to do that. I will try to loosen up, recognise and embrace the fact I am the mummy of an exuberant, loud, boisterous, accident-prone, little boy.

Master A isn't Peter Perfect - I wouldn't really want him to be. I will enjoy him more instead of fretting over him.

And, above all, I'll try to remember to live for today, not for tomorrow.

Working Mum, ready to have the time of her life with Master A in 2013. Bring it on!