Silent Opera heads to Trinity Buoy Wharf

By Rob Virtue on January 23, 2013 4:04 PM |

silent opera.jpg

An innovative form of opera is coming to Docklands.

Held at Trinity Buoy Wharf, opposite The O2, it sees audience members wear wireless headphones which deliver the sounds of singers and select instruments - along with a pre-recorded full orchestra - directly into their heads.

Starting this evening, the the two and a half-week run sees the audience move freely around the performance space while listening to Monteverdi's masterpiece, L'Orfeo, and watching the stars in action.

The company Silent Opera is behind the event as it begins a three-year mission to stage innovative performances of Monteverdi's trilogy.

Each night there's a twist in that a member of the audience, via a 'golden ticket', will get to chose one of two endings with even the performers unaware of which way it will go.

Wednesday and Friday nights' shows also include a return boat ticket from a central London pier.

Jan 23-Feb10, 8.45pm, £25, 7.30pm (5pm Sundays),